I could honestly write for hours about my Flagstaff Urban Senior Portrait session with Dallany, but I’ll try to summarize and let you get to the amazing photos. Dallany was a ray of light in the dark place I was in shooting three sessions a week while pregnant, traveling all the time (for reasons I’ll explain soon!) and spending every other moment of my day editing or eating. I was feeling exhausted and discouraged by the many demands coming at me in my life and so, I started this cold, early morning session trying to encourage myself I could do it and repeatedly saying over and over in my head, “It’s only two hours, and then you can rest.”

Turns out, that two hours went by within the space of what felt like 15 minutes because Dallany was such a delight. She was enthusiastic, fun-loving and a treat to be in the presence of. She talked about clothes and where she likes to shop, her plans for after graduation and how school was going for her then. After our shoot, I was thinking, “Wow, what an incredible personality.” I instantly wanted to hang out with her more but, being pregnant and tired with a two-year-old in my day-to-day life, I wasn’t able to find the time. But it’s definitely a shoot I won’t forget, and Dallany is definitely a person I won’t forget either.

Congrats on the next chapter, girl!