Quick Stats: Flagstaff High School | FHS Varsity Football | Track and Field | Plans to Attend Junior College

The minute my assistant and I met Joe and his mother for his Flagstaff football senior portraits, we adored them right away. We can tell where Joe gets his warm personality – and it’s from his awesome mom. The two are easily likable, fun to talk to, and have huge hearts.

We took Joe’s senior photos early on a cold, cold morning. Joe is super driven when it comes to sports – he’s a natural born athlete. He plays on the varsity football team, runs track and field, and is also part of the wrestling team. We were able to get some sweet shots of Joe in his letterman jacket and football, which I loved because they capture such a big part of what his life in high school is like.

Joe, you are an awesome guy, and I know you’re going to go far in life. Keep doing great things, and congratulations on finishing up your senior year!